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  • What hardware will be required for running the U-Space software?
    Any groundstation hardware such as a tablet/phone/computer with good internet connectivity will be sufficient.
  • When will U-Spaces be rolled out across Europe?
    Different countries are moving at different speeds, countries like Finland, Norway, Estonia and Germany have already made significant progress in testing out unmanned traffic management solutions and will probably see U-Space activity sometime in 2024. For other countries, it might take a little longer.
  • How will I use the AirDodge U-Space software?
    The AirDodge U-Space services can either be integrated directly into mission planning tools such as QGround Control/Dji Pilot. Or it can be tailored to an operators in-house mission planning software and integrated on that platform.
  • What drone platforms will the AirDodge U-Space software cater to?
    Our software will be platform independent. Whether an operator is has an off the shelf Dji or an in house build, our software will be compatible since we can integrate into any mission planning/operating tool.
  • Where will U-Space airspaces be rolled out?
    U-Space airspaces will be rolled out based on demand of drone and air traffic in the same area. Airspaces around airports/cities will generally be good first candidates.
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