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AirDodge - Solution

Our U-Space software services follow the framework outlined by (EU) 2021/664. We offer the 4 core services required to operate in U-Space. These services will be offered either directly through an android/iOS app or through API's which can be integrated into any drone/mission planning platform.

U-Space Services will enable mass drone operations and significantly overcome the legal and operational challenges faced by drone service providers today. Operating BVLOS and in urban areas/close to airports can pose a significant challenge in terms of permits and safety. U-Space overcomes those challenges through the use of the 4 core services. 

U-Space airspace volume definition

What is U-Space

U-Space is a new type of airspace of volume of air at approximately 100 meters of altitude. This airspace will be designated for automated and beyond visual line of sight drone operations. This airspace will act as a highway in the sky with dedicated lanes for traffic. All drones will be electronically visible in the airspace along with manned air traffic. U-Space services will be legally required in this airspace.

UTM / U-Space Services


Remote Drone Identification

Identify any drone/operator by tagging the unique drone/operator ID and displaying the drones position, speed and heading on a map.

Live Air Traffic Information

Display the positions of all the live air traffic information on a map in real time to give drone pilots situational awareness.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 10.54.10.png


Get extensive map data showing where you can and cannot fly, to make your mission planning efficient and safer.

Flight Authorization

Submit a flight plan and get an instant authorization response from Air traffic control.

Our Features

Geo-Zone definition


Get access to an extensive geo-zone map which gives you access to real time map data needed to plan your flights. Geo-Zone maps will be available outside of designated U-Spaces as well.

Live Air Traffic on a map

Live Air Traffic Coverage

We provide live flight tracking data in remote and urban areas regardless of airspace designation. We aim to provide the most extensive airspace coverage in Nordic countries.

Active deconfliction between drone and manned aircraft

Active Deconfliction

Our software is constantly monitoring surrounding air traffic and predicting flight paths 30 seconds ahead, if a possible conflict is predicted, the drone pilot will get notified and have the option to trigger an automated detect and avoid.

Drone flying close to a city


Regulatory Compliance

We adhere to the EASA 2021/664 mandate and will be a certified U-Space service provider according to EASA regulations.



All communication between the pilots drone/ground station to the AirDodge cloud is via 4G/5G/Satcom. No extra equipment is needed to connect your drone to the AirDodge cloud and access the U-Space services.

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